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SB 67 becomes PA 16-39, extends APRN signature authority

Posted about 4 years ago by Monte Wagner

Gov. Dannel Mallow signed senate bill 67 into law as public act 16-39 yesterday, extending the signature authority of nurse practitioners to over 75 statutes that were previously reserved to physicians. For example, it will allow us to:

  • issue "do not rescuscitate" orders,
  • certify patients for medical marijuana use (with exceptions),
  • certify individuals to cancel a health club or diet plan contract,
  • order administration of glucagon or antiepileptic medication by qualified school employees,
  • certify medical necessity of home health aide services
  • provide a statement of blindness or disability to limit eviction 

We applaud the passage of this bill into law as it allows us to effectively and safely care for all of our patients. The law will be effective 10/1/2016, except for the medical marijuana certification, which become effective 1/1/2017. 

  • Read the bill's analysis and summary here
  • Read the full text of the bill here

Feel free to comment on this bill and contact us if your employer limits your ability to exercise your rights to practice.

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Susan Turley almost 4 years ago

What a great APRN victory! Thank you Gov. Malloy for helping make the care of individuals in need a more seamless process!! Thank you to CT APRN's that worked so hard with our legislature in CT to get this bill passed!!

Pamela Cipriano almost 4 years ago

Question: I have read through the bill and statutes. In Sec. 19a-550. It states that the patient is allowed to choose their own physician or APRN. Are we allowed to admit to nursing homes and certify for homecare? It is confusing to me.


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