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H5053 becomes PA 16-43, changes prescribing for opioids and opioid reversal drugs

Posted about 4 years ago by Monte Wagner

Gov. Dannel Mallow signed house bill 5053 into law as public act 16-43 yesterday, changing certain provisions about prescribing opioid pain medications and opioid reversal drugs. Among others, 

  • prescribers will be limited to 7 days of opioids for first-time prescriptions in outpatient setting (with exceptions), effective 7/1/2016,
  • the CT Prescription Management Program, which rolls out a new version on 6/16/16, will allow prescribers to delegate who can access reports, modify reporting deadlines, and change review requirements for schedule V non-narcotic drugs, effective 7/1/2016,
  • protect licensed health care providers from civil and criminal liability for adminstering a reversal agent to prevent or treat an overdose, effective now,
  • require municipalities to provide EMS personnel with opioid reversal drugs and the required training to use them in the field, effective now,
  • prohibit certain insurance carriers to require prior authorization for opioid reversal drugs, effective 1/1/2017. 

We welcome this new law as it is expected to help nurse practitioners to better manage opioid prescriptions and protect our patients from undue harm. We particularly applaud that some provisions are effective immediately, allowing opioid reversal drugs to be used by licensed health care providers and EMS personnel without delay. 

  • Read the bill's analysis and summary here.
  • Read the full text of the bill here.

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