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HAVEN funding compromised in current budget

Posted almost 3 years ago by Monte Wagner

Dear Colleagues, 

The current CT state budget again includes a measure to defund HAVEN, which provides confidential counseling to licensed health care professionals (nurses, doctors, dentists, mental health clinicians, and many more) when they most need it. HAVEN (Health Assistance InterVention Education Network) provides a confidential alternative to "public disciplinary action for professionals suffering from chemical dependency, emotional or behavioral disorder, or physical or mental illness. ("

I URGE you to contact your elected officials (click here to find yours) and inform them of your support for HAVEN and against the budget measure that would allocate $5 of your licensing fee (about $800,000) to the general fund rather than to HAVEN. 

Please comment on this announcement if you have any questions. 

Monte Wagner, DNP, MPH, APRN-BC

Health Policy Co-chair, CTAPRNS


Theresa Conroy over 2 years ago

Sent it to those that I think can help.

Pamela Glines over 2 years ago

In the medical field many health care professionals suffer from burn out resulting in self medication and chemical or alcohol dependence. This leads to shame, fear and difficulty with changing to healthier coping skills due to the stigma and lack of support. HAVEN is the only program in this state that is confidential, helps, directs and guides providers with treatment plans protecting their autonomy, helping maintain self esteem with outcomes of successful treatments leading to good health and lifetime sobriety with dignity. It would not benefit the State of Ct to lose this program. We need to keep our medical providers healthy and strong in return to providing safe health care to the community.

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