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Help Save HAVEN!

Posted almost 3 years ago by Mark Bielawski jr.

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HAVEN is the only organization in Connecticut where medical providers who have issues with substance abuse or arrests for offenses such as DUIs can go for help and possibly prevent reporting to licensing boards, which can negatively affect a provider's livelihood years into the future. It is essential to helping our impaired colleagues and keeping our patients safe.

Five dollars from our licensing fees are supposed to go to support HAVEN, but this money has never been distributed. Now in the state budget that is being voted on September 14th, it is being proposed that this money be placed in the general fund instead of going to HAVEN, which threatens the existence of this organization.

I ask that you contact your local state representatives and senators and let them know that this decision is not safe for medical professionals and patients in CT, and it must be removed from the budget!

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Mark Bielawski
President, CTAPRNS