Connecticut Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Society

CTAPRNS 2018 Board Elections--join us

Posted over 2 years ago by Mark Bielawski jr.

CTAPRNS is looking for new board and committee members!  Please see the below board positions that are up for election this year.  Even if you don't see one that interests you, we are willing to find a role that fits your lifestyle and commitment level. 

Our Health Policy and Education Chairs are always looking for committee members to help us with the important work at the Capitol and our annual conference, respectively.  Joining a committee is a great way to learn about the organization and transition into an Executive Board role at a later time.

Please email me at if you are interested in running for a board position, want to join a committee, or just want more information on how you can get involved. 

Deadline is March 27th.

Secretary (Executive Board, 2-year commitment):  the Secretary is responsible for keeping our meetings minutes and voting on Executive Board/Board at Large decisions.  Note: after our bylaws change last year, you must be a CTAPRNS Board member or committee member for at least a year to run for this position.

Student Representative (Board at Large, commitment variable depending on when you graduate): the Student Representative is responsible for our communications with APRN programs, updating our social media, and voting on Board at Large decisions.

Nominations Co-chair (Board at Large, 1-year commitment): the Nominations Co-chair is responsible for helping to run elections/special awards, and voting on Board at Large decisions.


Mark Bielawski

President, CTAPRNS