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We need your help!

Posted over 2 years ago by Monte Wagner

As this year's legislative session is passing mid-term, we need your help to reach out to your Connectiuct state legislator and ask them for their support for any APRN specific bills. Our scope of practice is being pressed back into collaboration and you need to let your legislators know that we are licensed to practice independently and without collaborative agreement as written in current Conneciticut law. 

You can find the names and contact information of your elected Connecticut state officials here

Thank you for your support. We welcome any comments, especially if you are having trouble getting in touch with your officials or are not getting the support needed. 

Ines Zemaitis, RN, MSN, APRN, ANP-BC, DNP candidate

Monte Wagner, DNP, MPH, APRN-BC

Health Policy co-chairs


Penny McEvoy almost 2 years ago

Take the first step and see who your representatives and state Senators are!! There is power in numbers and as constituents of a district your voice matters! The link is terrific and takes you directly to the current bills being reviewed. Try it!

Natalie Walters almost 2 years ago

I emailed my rep here in Groton, Heather Somers, who happens to be married to a physician. I got a call from her aide almost immediately assuring me he would let her know I was asking for that support.

Are there specific bills now re APRNS?

Patricia Garrett almost 2 years ago

Emailed my two legislators, offered to clarify anything they need -awaiting their replies.

Monte Wagner almost 2 years ago

Hello Natalie, Thank you for reaching out to one of the co-chairs of the public health committee. Senate Bill 431 includes a section that would allow physician assistants to delegate administering medication for the treatment of opioid addiction to us. In section g), we are asking to remove the words advanced practice registered nurse because it is not consistent with sections above it, our nurse practice act, and statute in support of independent practice on the books since 1998. This is NOT a scope of practice issue as its newer legislation that contradicts our current, well established scope of practice.
I hope this helps.

Patricia Garrett almost 2 years ago

Heard from Sen Slossberg's Assistant and forwarded the summary handout from the Legislative Breakfast.

Anita DeAngelo almost 2 years ago

Previously provided feed back to Rep Somers re the bill r/t naturopaths request for prescription authority (against); contacted my local rep, Rep Mushinsky today requesting to provide feedback going forward on any healthcare, insurance or drug related bills

Monte Wagner almost 2 years ago

Thank you, Anita!! Representative Somers is one of the public health committee co-chairs and needs to hear this.

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