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ALERT-DEA extortion scam

Posted over 1 year ago by Monte Wagner

We have heard from several nurse practitioners who have been contacted by phone by an appearant DEA agent (in some cases spoofing an actual DEA phone number) and threatened with legal action and asked to send money ($20,000-50,000). The approach is very sophisticated and has led to some to actually send money, if not leave very rattled and disconcerted. 

Please let us know if you have been contacted and report the incident to the DEA. 

Read the DEA advisory here. There is a link in there to report the incident. 

Don't fall victim to this phishing scam! If not sure, hang up and contact the DEA through the number on their web site or on your registration card. 

Monte Wagner, DNP, MPH, FNP-BC

Co-chair, Health Policy


Kristen Donohue 10 months ago

I have received repeated pre-recorded voice messages for over a year, all with a Washington D.C. call ID that states that there is a violation of my prescriptions. Not only does no one call, ever, I rarely write an Rx that might have a controlled substance.

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