Connecticut Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Society

Scholarships still open and application volume low!

Posted over 1 year ago by Mark Bielawski jr.

Our board strongly suggests that you apply for a scholarship before the deadline of March 14th (see below).  We currently have a small number of applications, including no doctorate-level applicants.  There is a good chance at winning $1,000 towards your education!

It is Time to Apply for the 2019 Scholarships!

The Connecticut Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner Society is excited to announce the opening of the 2019 application period for our yearly scholarship awards.

Please be aware that there are two $1,000 scholarships, one for Master's level and one for doctoral level (not restricted to DNP).  The application can be accessed through the link below.   

Application Deadline: The application period ends March 14, 2019.