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Posted 11 months ago by Monte Wagner

Hello fellow CT APRN!

Are you an APRN business owner? Are you facing barriers and unnecessary barriers in your practice, like trouble hiring qualified APRNs due to the collaborative requirement for newly licensed APRNs? 

We agree that an experienced APRN that just moved to CT should not be burdened by the same collaborative requirements like a new graduate, or that finding an appropriate collaborating physician should not keep a newly licensed APRN from finding work.

We want to hear from you. Please email us or comment below with your concerns.

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Michael Espelin 8 months ago

I am a Psychiatric APRN business owner and I fully support the idea that experienced APRNs should not face that burden. Furthermore, new APRNs should be able to have an experienced APRN to fulfill their “collaborative agreement.” This is outdated practice and does more harm than good for new/established APRNs.

Aida Koni 7 months ago

I am a Family Practice APRN on the process of opening my own practice and getting the credentialing as a solo practice/ independent provider is unbelievable. Worked 50 hours a week/ 22-24 patients /day for 4 years, fulfilled all the requirements, and still suffering the politics of medicine/ insurances. With this said, it is not right that either New or experienced APRN to struggle because of Collaborative Requirements. I totally agree with Michael " Outdated Practices" must get updated for better practice.

Aida Koni 7 months ago

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